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Gloomy Baboony - It's okay to feel sad. (Paperback)

An illustrated poem about accepting other people's sadness, love, and being there for each other....

An illustrated poem about accepting other people's sadness, love, and being there for each other. This little rhyming book is a perfect conversation starter about mental wellbeing.

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Exclusively available online here. (Proudly not on Amazon!) 

Also includes a 'Make-your-own-Gloomy-Baboony' craft. 

Type: Paperback 

Size: 210cm x 210cm 

Pages: 32

More reviews can be found on GoodReads


Buy Gloomy Baboony directly from the author and illustrator. Children’s mental health awareness books

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
Sheila Cass-Tingle

Bought for the granddaughter of a friend. She wrote; ‘ I love it and think the message is wonderful. I shall give it to my granddaughter who is very bright and, if not now, she will in the near future understand and hopefully remember to consider others. It may be for children but it is good advice for all of us.....

Sue Sargerson

Definitely going to use this in my class as a mental health resource - it’s fab!
Really line the downloadable resources too! Thank you!

Suzy Mounter
Great Book with a Heart-warming Message

I think it's about time someone made a book that has this message within it! So glad it now exists in the world.
I've bought this book about 3/4 times now for different friends with kids. I absolutely love handing it over and once they've read the story, they love it too.
It's a lovely story and beautifully illustrated.


Such a sweet theme. Read it to my 7 year old as soon as it arrived. We love a little extras, card bits that came with it. The art is just so beautiful

Elisa Anaya Smith

Hi I bought your book to give to my teenage daughter for Xmas, so can’t give you a review as yet.
Am looking forward to reading it. X

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