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Where are you from?

I grew up in Bedfordshire (UK), in a little village called Eaton Bray. Since then I have lived in many places,but I currently travel between sunny Sofia (Bulgaria) and North Yorkshire (UK). 

Why did you write Gloomy Baboony?

I first drafted Gloomy Baboony during a low period in early 2020, I didn't know what to do with myself, I just  needed someone to accept that I felt low and that was okay. I hope my book sparks conversations between children and parents and allows them to talk openly about sadness. 

Why did you choose to independently publish your book?

I chose to publish the book myself to retain ownership of my work. I am exceedingly proud of the production of Gloomy Baboony and is by far my best creation to date! 

Why did you use kickstarter to launch your first print run?

Running a presale through Kickstarter for Gloomy Baboony enabled me to raise enough capital to order a larger batch of books at a higher quality than otherwise would have been possible . 

Can you sign my book? 
Unfortunately I can’t, I have just gone back abroad to teach my little art class and see my doggies! My lovely mum and equally lovely brother are handling the shipping from North Yorkshire, UK. (They are far more organised then me).

But I’ve seen some people have signed books?!
I signed all 570 of the First edition books for my dearest Kickstarter backers. Signed books will be available for school visits (September) and giveaways. Sign up for my newsletter below if you want to be the first to know! 

Can I commission you?

I am not taking any personal illustration commissions at the moment.

Business enquiries can be made to




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